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The standing committees, unless otherwise designated by the Board, shall be as follow: 

Executive and Finance Committee

Chair: Maggy Schlink

Co-Chair: Claudia Piccarelli

Shall be composed of the officers and the other committee chairs. The committee shall meet before each Board meeting to assist in the preparation of the agenda as well as discuss such other matters that may come before it and make policy and other recommendations to the Board as appropriate. Under the auspices of the Treasurer, the committee shall also review and manage the finances of the Association and shall advise the Board through appropriate financial reports as well as make recommendations as necessary for board action. The Committee shall also review proposals prepared by other Association committees for Board consideration and may take action on same. 

Fundraising and Special Projects Committee

Co-Chair: Mary Perno

Co-Chair: Judy Cunningham

Shall be responsible for coordinating the Association’s work in this critical area of operations, consideration of new initiatives for Board consideration, setting the annual fundraising goals for the organization for the next year as required under Article VII, Section 2 of these by-laws as well as whatever other matters that may be referred to it by the Board or President.


Grants Committee

Co-Chair: Amy Kelly

Co-Chair: Beth Naylor

Shall coordinate all activities related to the disbursement of Association donations to local charities including the vetting of local charities petitioning for financial support and making recommendations to the Board for appropriate action in this regard, providing information to the Board about local charities and supervise the work of the Board member liaisons to charities regularly receiving support from the Association. The committee shall maintain a list of those Brunswick County charities to which the Association has made recent donations including pertinent contact information.

Communications Committee

Chair: Kathy Sanchez

Shall be responsible for managing all activities related to internal communications within the Ocean Ridge Community, external communications outside of the community, outreach to the local and regional media as well as the Association’s publications, ORCA Website and Facebook page. In concert with the appropriate committee or board member, the chairperson of the committee shall also review all committee or association draft publications, announcements etc. prior to their dissemination. 

Strategic Planning Committee

Chair: Maggy Schlink

The President shall from time to time appoint an Ad Hoc Committee on Strategic Planning to evaluate the work of the Association, help the Board of Directors manage the process of defining its strategy and direction, better plan the allocation of resources to accomplish its goals and thereby more strategically plan for ORCA’s future. 

B-Laws Committee

Co-Chair: Amy Kelly

Co-Chair: Beth Naylor

Volunteers Committee

Chair: Mary Perno

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