ORCA welcomes anyone in the community to volunteer in support of ORCA's charitable efforts.  We need the most help setting up our fundraising events.  It usually takes an hour or 2 of your time.


If you are interested in helping out, you can contact ANY of the ORCA Board Members at any time. Just click to find out who they are or send us an email.

Here are 3 you can check into now...

Volunteer your time and talent to help make Hospice Dolls for Lower Cape Fear Hospice & LifeCare Center

(Contact ORCA's Peggy Burris - peggyb@atmc.net)

Volunteer your time and talent to help Wilmington Area Rebuilding Mission (W.A.R.M) rebuild local homes in need of repair

(Contact ORCA's Pris Lowell- prislovell@gmail.com)

Take part in Days of Service




In 2018, hundreds of Ocean Ridge residents once again turned out

and volunteered to help ORCA make life a little better for our

neighbors in need here in Brunswick County.  You helped make our

social events like Trivia Night, the Dinner Dance, the Murder

Mystery, the Arts & Crafts Fair, and the Holiday Open House Tour

such fun events and extremely successful FUNdraisers to assist our

local charities.

You handcrafted beautiful Dolls, Angels and Hearts for patients and

families being helped by Hospice.  You very generously donated

backpacks and groceries for schoolchildren without enough food to

get through the weekend.  And after Hurricane Florence devastated

much of Brunswick County in September, you turned out en masse

on two separate Make A Difference Days in October to greatly assist

with critical hurricane relief.

The list goes on and on.  Sincere thanks to each of you for all your

time and hard work to assist the neediest among us.  Once again

ORCA and all of us achieved another very successful year of

philanthropy here in Brunswick County.

Thank you for everything you did !!

Ginny Alger

Linda & Jack Anderson

Karen Arnold

Faye & Rick Arvonio

Barbara Augone

Pam Bank

Elaine & Jay Benedict

Cathy Benton

Donna & Jennifer Bernhardson

Diana Black

Elke & Bob Boal

Linda & Lin Bradley

Rose & George Briggs

Candy Brooker

Sherri & Tom Brown

Karen & Wilbur Browning

Peggy Burris

Joanne & Richard Bush

Hugh Carano

Deet Carden

Wendy & Jerry Carney

Liz & Bob Cermak

Karen & Whit Clark

Donna & Paul Clayton

Randy Clifton

Anita Clodfelter

Michelle Cook

Nancy & Bill Cooper

Sue Coppola & Richard Hibbs

Chris Corbisero

Dennis Covelli

Joanne Cowley

Betsy Crawford

Deb & Jim Creghan

Lorraine & Jim Crosby

Fran Croson

Deb & Bob Cross

Judy & Mike Cunningham

Pat & Mike Dailey

Bernadette & Paul D'Ascoli

Pat Davin

Betty Dean

Laura DeCando

Darlene & Mike Dies

Sharon & Ralph DiVito

Nancy & Chris Doukakis

Patti Dugan

Carol & Eric Dunham

Karen Dunn

Judy Dwyer

Terri Edgerton

Joyce & Rob Edwards

Corinne & Andy Eisenstein

Barbara & Jim Ellenberger

Gary & Nancy Ettenger

Geri & Clair Evans

Betsy & Bob Fatzinger

Barbara & Russ Ferguson

Joan & Andy Fescoe

Sharon & Kevin Fitzgerald

Mary Fitzgerald

Teresa & Tom Flaherty

Barbara Freeman

Barbara & Ken French

Bev & Lynn Furman

Janet Getz

Pat Gibson

Peggy & Mike Gildea

Janice & Bob Gorrie

Tina & Reiner Grauerholz

Jeanne & Larry Gray

Beth & John Grunewalder

Di & Ed Gruver

Susan & Vic Guarino

Joni & Dale Hackman

Susan & Gary Halberstadt

Judy Harlow

Shelley Haskins

Motoko Hatfield

Cindy Hathaway

Eileen & Rob Hearn

Brenda & Glenn Hess

Sue Coppola & Richard Hibbs

Ruth Hockensmith

Linda & Wayne Hodges

Lynn Hollett

Leslie & Joe Horvath

Diana Hotop

Lisa & Chuck Hutzler

Dick Jania

Glenola Jarvis

Ronni Jobes

Shirley Johnson

Linda Johnston

Deb & Jim Jullien

Amy Kelly

Lilia Kierez

Rosemary and Tom Kilbridge

Mary King-Taylor

Ginny Kintzing & Nick Minion

Meggan Klippen

Margie Lacey

Phyllis & Roger LaClair

Kath Larson

Cynthia Laux

Cheri & Joe Lavorgna

Debbie & Mike Lebkicher

Nancy Liggera

Kathy & Sandy Lonsinger

Pris & Bob Lovell

Grace Loyack

Mary & Ray Lukanc

Maureen Lundgren

Dotty Lynch

Mary Pat & Michael Lynch

Maureen Lynch

Bernita Magee

Mary Ann Mahoney

Mike Maisel

Pattie & Chuck Maliszewski

Marjie & Don Masline

Jo Ann Mathews

Nancy McDonald

Barbara McMurtry

Ruby McMillen & Michael Trescak

Ann McNally

Valya & Joe Mentz

Joanne & Chris Messerlie

Beth & Mike Michelakis

Monica Miele

Diane & Don Miles

Carole Milnichuk

Ginny Kintzing & Nick Minion

Andrea & Roger Mitchell

Beth & Tony Moorcones

Judi & Greg Moore

Cathy & Jack Mulligan

Martha & Rob Mynhier

Sharon & Lloyd Nault

Beth Naylor

Karen Nelson

Pam & Gary Nelson

Rose & Dennis Nelson

Phyl O'Connor

Margie & John Oehmke

MaryAnn & Andy Ondek

Opportunity Rocks

Judith & David Patterson

Randy Pelton

Mary & Rick Perno

Claudia & John Piccarelli

Mary & David Pirrung

Colleen & Bob Plebanek

Chris & Werner Puck

Myra & Michael Reed

Pat Robison

Nancy & Glenn Roman

Marge & Ken Rose

Peg & Dave Rosenfeld

Barbara Roth

Winnie Rubio

Marcia Rumsey

Rosie & Mike Savoia

Maggy & Bill Schlink

Carole Schuster

Tina Seamon

Diane & John Serbetzian

Deb & Joe Shanahan

Sandy Shanahan

Debbie Sisk

Bonnie & Ron Sorice

Laura & Mike Spivey

Carol Sullivan

Leona Swerock

Margie & Robert Talley

Linda Tart

Jean & Bob Theiss

Ruby McMillen & Michael Trescak

Sharon & Jim Tucker

Debbie & John Vita

Janet & Robert Vogel

Carol & Bill Wakefield

Donna & Phil Wald

Tom Waldron

Lisa & Randy Weller

Lissa & Dave Westerman

Laura, Melanie & Rick Wheaton

Lori & Dave White

Nancy & Rick Whitfield

Debbie Wingfield

Dagmar & Bob Wood

Ruth & George Woodard

Dot & Bob Wurster




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