ORCA Service Club

Service Club Volunteers Needed


Ocean Ridge Charities Association (ORCA) is in the process of reforming our Service Club volunteers. We are asking that you please consider volunteering. If you signed up previously we hope you will sign up again as we are updating our records.


Volunteering does not have to be a big time commitment. When help is needed we will contact you based on the category you have expressed a volunteering interest in. You may tell us yes or no, it’s ok to not be available at all times. We greatly appreciate the time you do have to offer.


To join the Service Club please contact:


MARY PERNO via email at MPERNO@verizon.net


Just state the categories you might be interested in volunteering along with your email & phone number (cell preferred for texting, but any phone will work for our records).


The categories are:

  1. Set Up-this is when we have an event, we need help to set up tables and chairs, etc.

  2. Break Down-the area that was set up needs to be put back to the way we found it & clean up.

  3. Food-help to make or set up food for an event. This might also be to serve the food from the buffet or cut and serve a cake or beverages, etc.

  4. Decorations-we are looking for creative people to help with ideas for decorations, or to make them and come back on the day of the event to put them up.

  5. Sales-this could include a “porch sale” where we ask that you sell our bows or luminaries, etc. from your porch. People come to drop off their check or cash and take their merchandise. It might also be selling raffle tickets or anything at our events.

  6. Events-General assistance during events.


As always, thank you for supporting Ocean Ridge Charities Association. Whether you are volunteering, participating in an ORCA activity or making a donation, your support is greatly appreciated.