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There is still time to contribute 
Ocean Ridge Charities Association’s Annual Campaign: 

As we head into this special giving time of year, we ask you to help in “GIVING HOPE FOR TOMORROW” to those most in need in Brunswick County.

These Brunswick County Charities will be the beneficiaries of the 2022 Annual Campaign:

  • The Veterans Welcome Home Center

  • WARM (Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministry)

  • The Carousel Center

  • Hope Harbor Home

  • Brunswick County Habitat for Humanity


We urge you to consider a donation. The “ORCA DIFFERENCE” ensures that all recipient charities are vetted for compliance with charitable guidelines within North Carolina. In addition, ORCA liaisons track the usage of the funds with the charities to ensure they are used for the projects they submitted. 


You can give by: 

  • Mailing your check to : Ocean Ridge Charities Association (ORCA), P.O. Box 6879, Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina 28469-0879

  • PayPal to Ocean Ridge Charities Association (ORCA)

  • Drop off at : Claudia Piccarelli…. 74 Abbington Place    

Thank you for all your great support. 
We wish you a wonderful holiday season!

The ORCA Board of Directors

ORCA Fall Campaign.jpg

To donate, download the pdf, print, complete form and mail to ORCA. 

Thank you!



There are several other ways you can send individual donations in the form of cash or check directly to ORCA, and even designate the charity or charities you would like to receive your donation.



  • You can download and complete and the Individual Donation Form and mail it along with your donation to ORCA.







  • You can donate to ORCA on behalf of a family member or friend who has passed by downloading and completing the Memorial Giving Fund Form and mailing it to ORCA. ORCA will match your donation up to $100 and a note can be sent on behalf of your donation.







  • Give to ORCA every time you shop Amazon with AmazonSmile.  See how.



Thank You!

Dear Members of the Ocean Ridge community,                                                 Fall 2021  


As we approach the holiday season of 2021, we have the opportunity to be thankful for so many things over the past year. It certainly started out with major challenges for many of our beloved neighbors and basically impacted us all. Yet, in the darkness that followed the days after February’s tornado, we experienced the brilliance of hope that rose out of the hearts of our neighbors. I remember saying, “Ocean Ridge is always a nice place to live, but on one of the worst days of your life, it is a GREAT place to live.” Each of us, other people in Brunswick County and many, many others came forward with help through food, contributions and love for our neighbors most severely impacted by the tornado. As a community, we became the “best we could be”.


THANK YOU for all that you have given. Our “Neighbor for Neighbor Campaign”, plus the GoFundMe page, totaled more than an amazing $140,000. For the first time in Ocean Ridge Charities Association’s eleven-year history, we turned our fundraising and our focus internally to help our community. This money was distributed to over 120 Ocean Ridge families directly impacted by the tornado.


In addition, due to a grant from Duke Energy, Ocean Ridge Charities Association (ORCA) was able to provide assistance to the ten families “outside the gates” with cash and gift cards totaling over $7,000.


Since we had such a generous response to our “Neighbor for Neighbor Campaign”, the Board of directors of the Ocean Ridge Charities Association has decided to not have a formal “end of year” campaign this year. You have given more than we could have ever expected. Due to the generosity of our Corporate Sponsors, we have funds we will be distributing to our charities. Please check our website for a complete list of our Corporate Sponsors.


We wish you all a wonderful holiday season of thankfulness, giving and celebration for all we have in Ocean Ridge. We hope to see you participating in our Holiday events and we are looking forward to a fun “fundraising” year in 2022. The ORCA Board of Directors is grateful for all you have given to our community: inside and outside the gates!

President, Ocean Ridge Charities Association, Inc.

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ORCA Thanks You for over $25,000 in 23 days!

Ocean Ridge Charities Association Inc. (ORCA) COVID-19 Relief Campaign started on April 16 with all of us wondering how it would take off, and if we could raise enough funds to make a difference to hard hit residents in Brunswick County.


At ORCA, we have learned through 10 years of fundraising that residents of Ocean Ridge Plantation continue to surpass expectations every single time, with their generosity for those less fortunate.  And you hit a homerun this time around: you donated over $25,000, a record-breaking amount for the ORCA COVID-19 Relief Campaign, for food and shelter, and medical relief challenges caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19). Within the first six days, residents donated $10,000, enabling ORCA to send its first set of checks to Brunswick Family Assistance (BFA), New Hope Clinic, South Brunswick Interchurch Council (SBIC), and the Brunswick Homeless Coalition.  Since then, and up until the close of the campaign on May 8, generous residents donated another $15,000, which has been distributed to the following local charities: BFA, SBIC, New Hope Clinic, Brunswick Community College, Carousel Center, and WARM.


ORCA benefitted from Ocean Ridge’s “Merry Maskateers,” Mary Perno, Patti Elsen, Nancy Doukakis and Sue Kemmerer, who sewed a total of 2,625 masks and donated $1,540 to ORCA from their project.  Due to the generosity of George Briggs and his 26.2-mile walking marathon, ORCA received over $5,000 in donations.

Once again, we thank you for helping the neediest in our county, by donating to the 40 Brunswick County charities supported by ORCA.

December 2020 Update:

As the detrimental effects (shortages of food) of the pandemic continue in Brunswick County and the entire US, Ocean Ridge Charities Association Inc. (ORCA) has been able to provide additional funds to two local charities. Brunswick Family Assistance and the South Brunswick Interchurch Council Food Pantry each received checks for $3,000 in November and each will receive an additional $2,000 in December for a total of $10,000.

COVID_19 check.jpg
Signing Check
Plus $6,000 in November 2020
Signing Check
Plus $4,000 in December 2020

To see the Charities who received donations from your COVID-19 campaign generosity...

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