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Change for Charities

ORCA’s ‘Change For Charity’ is a Making a Difference!


Have you seen these plastic boxes at many local stores, restaurants, car shops... and even at the Ocean Ridge Golf Pro Shop? 


These merchants have graciously allowed Ocean Ridge Charities Association (ORCA) some counter space.  And their terrific customers have filled the boxes... time and time again.  Our neighborhood volunteers collect the donations which are then distributed to the various Brunswick County non profits supported by ORCA.


Since inception in 2018, over 100 local merchants have allowed us to place boxes at their locations.  And we have collected over $26,000 to help families in need. 


The 2023 donations will be split among four food banks:

- Brunswick Family Assistance

- Matthew’s Ministry

- South Brunswick Interchurch Council

- Veterans Welcome Home and Resource Center


So the next time you see our box, feel free to drop a few coins or dollars in the slot.  Your generosity can make a big difference!












Over the last 30 years an estimated $4.1 billion has been raised in the U.S. for charities and non-profits via point-of-sale charitable giving. These appeals for funds generally take two different forms—requesting customers to either donate the change from their purchase via a donation box or round up their credit card charge via the cash register. According to national surveys, where these register-based programs are operating, 55% of customers contribute and they give an average of 44 cents per donation.


Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of those dollars go to large, nationwide charities because that’s who the parent retail corporations that initiated these efforts selected. As a result, very little of the funds raised “stay local”, that is benefit local charities in local communities.



Launched in May of 2018, the purpose of the Change 4 Charities campaign is to re-model that model by encouraging local retailers to sign on to a county-wide effort to raise charitable change at the register for Brunswick County charities because, collectively, local charities are where the rubber meets the road.


They are the heart and soul of grassroots philanthropy. They directly provide hundreds of millions of dollars in direct services to millions of local clients throughout the nation. Yet, to maximize their effectiveness and assure their survival, local non-profits must constantly be looking for new revenue streams. And that’s exactly the purpose of Change for Charities.



There are many tangible benefits of participating in Change for Charities. Among them:

  1. “Giving back” to the community where your business is located and your shoppers live;

  2. Positively impressing your customers with the a real commitment to the county and its needy citizens;

  3. Helping to raise badly needed charitable change for some 40 local charities;

  4. Participating in a fundraising program where all of the dollars raised stay in Brunswick County;

  5. The campaign won’t cost you a dime because it’s the customer making the donation;

  6. The funds raised are tax deductible to the retailer;

  7. Donations to charities will generate both positive press and free advertising for your business, and;

  8. Participation helps respond to the many requests you get from individual charities for support.



Sign up to Change for Charities now! Over 30 local retailers have already done so; more are joining each month


When you agree to participate, the Ocean Ridge Charities Association will provide all of the logistical support that you need.

  • We will collaborate with you on decision making—how do we implement (on the counter, through the register or both); campaign timelines; timetables for picking up proceeds, etc.

  • We will provide you with a counter top donations’ box(es) with key, as well as other materials and update them periodically;

  • We will maintain all financial records of the funds raised, including a a yearly accounting of your donations and a year-end tax letter attesting to the funds you raised;

  • We will schedule--once sufficient funds are in hand--a photo to be taken with you, a representative of a local charity and a checkboard with your donation on it at your store and send the picture to local media outlets with a caption and narrative.

In other words all you have to do is generate the contributions and we do the rest!



Change 4 Charities is a project of the award winning, Ocean Ridge Charities Association. ORCA is a 501c(3) tax-exempt, state licensed, nonprofit corporation established within the community of Ocean Ridge Plantation. Our primary objective is to support local charitable and non-profit organizations in Brunswick County, NC that assist disadvantaged citizens in our area. 

Since its inception in 2010, ORCA has raised nearly $375,000 for some 40 local charities. In feature articles about the organization in the South Brunswick Magazine, ORCA has been called “ A whale  of a charity…..a neighborhood non-profit that’s making a big splash in Brunswick County giving”. In 2017, ORCA raised $93,303 for local charities—its best year ever! Just recently ORCA received national recognition for its 2017 community day of service and won $10,000 award for its ingenuity and support of local charities.



The challenges and needs here in Brunswick County are overwhelming. A lack of affordable housing, poverty and hunger, unemployment and under employment, lower educational achievement and illiteracy, broken homes and child welfare, as well as the skyrocketing costs of medical care are but some of the many economic and social problems that afflict our less fortunate residents. For the last eight years, ORCA has been doing its part to help out. We sincerely hope that you will too—by partnering with us and signing up for the Change For Charities campaign to help Brunswick County charities.




 P.O. Box 6879, Ocean Isle Beach NC  28469  

 Website :    


 IRS Tax # 272833269

Financial information about this organization and a copy of its license are available from the State

Solicitation Licensing Branch at 919-807-2214. The licensee is not an endorsement by the State.

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