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ORCA sold over 1,000 From the Kitchens of Ocean Ridge Cookbooks this year, raising over $10,000 for Brunswick County Charities. Thank you Ocean Ridge residents!!


CLICK BELOW to see more of what ORCA is doing this year!



2015 Annual Report:




$100K Press Release (Jan): 


Mike's Garage Band (Jan):


Cookbooks (Feb):


SBM Article on ORCA (1Q15):


Trivia Championship (Mar) :


Grand Opening of the 

   Veterans Home & Resource

     Center (Dennis Hutton

        Integration House (Apr)


Changing Tides article 

    highlighting New Hope Clinic

      and StreetReach (Aug)


Changing Tides

      BISTRO V (Oct)


Changing Tides article

     Matthews Ministry (Oct)


ORCA 5th Anniversary

     Wine & Cheese Party (Oct)


ORCA 5th Anniversary

     Changing Tides (Nov)


ORCA 5th Anniversary

     Brunwsick Beacon (Nov)


Annual Campaign (Nov)


Changing TIdes article

   highlighting Brunswick

    County Homeless Coalition

      & Habitat for Humanity (Dec)



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Recently, several ORCA Board Members attended the Sunset Beach Memorial Day celebration.  There was a large turnout of citizens.  The keynote address was given by DA Jon David, and the Boy Scouts laid a memorial wreath on the site where there is also the brick ORCA donated to the Veterans' Memorial.    

If you want to get more information about the 

Veteran's Memorial, click below:

Brunswick Family Assistance


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