Board of Directors

Pictured L R: Mike Lynch, Mike Cunningham, Beth Michelakis, Maggy Schlink, Liz Cermak, Claudia Piccarelli, Judy Cunningham, Mike Gildea, Peggy Burris, Barbara Ellenberger, Grace Loyack, Pris Lovell, Phyllis O'Connor, Beth Naylor, John Piccarelli

Not pictured: Larry Gray, Amy Kelly, Ron Sorice

(Photo by Laura Wheaton)

ORCA BofD Jan 2020.png

Ocean Ridge Charities Association Inc.

Board of Directors

Front Row: Mary Perno, Barbara Ellenberger, Claudia Piccarelli

Second Row: Peggy Burris, Beth Naylor, Amy Kelly, Pris Lowell, George Briggs

Third Row: Maggy Schlink, Ron Sorice, Mike Lynch, Joe James, Glenn Hess

Not pictured: Corinne Eisenstein, Kath Larson

Maggy Schlink - President

Barbara Ellenberger - Executive Vice President

Claudia Piccarelli - Treasurer


George Briggs

Peggy Burris

Corinne Eisenstein

Glenn Hess

Joe James

Amy Kelly

Kath Larson

Pris Lovell

Mike Lynch

Beth Naylor

Mary Perno

Ron Sorice


Outstanding Honorees

    We are proud to recognize the people listed below for their excellent contributions to the Ocean Ridge Charities Association Inc. (ORCA).  They have served on the ORCA Board of Directors in the past.  In addition, many continue to serve in important ways to contribute to ORCA's success.


    ORCA started as Ocean Ridge's charity in 2010.  Since then, these outstanding contributors are among the many people who helped create, refine and evolve ORCA into the organization it is today, by generously donating their considerable time and talents.


    Their work and contributions to ORCA often varied.  However, all put in endless effort and hours to further ORCA's mission - Helping the Neediest here in Brunswick County.


    We are thrilled to salute them all - and to see the list of outstanding honorees continue to expand in the future!

Michael Gildea - Founding President

Kathy Arancio

Liz Cermak

Judy Cunningham

Mike Cunningham

Maggi Edwards

Corinne Eisenstein

Annamarie Gildea

Larry Gray

Grace Loyack

Beth Michelakis

Merrianne Orndoff

John Piccarelli  

Laura Wheaton