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Sneaker Donations


Got Sneakers?

Ocean Ridge Charities Association, Inc. (ORCA) Fundraiser

ORCA thanks you for your sneaker donation!


On behalf of the Ocean Ridge Charities Association (ORCA), thank you to the pickleball players, bowlers, jazzercise class participants, and individuals in the Ocean Ridge community for your contribution to the “gotsneakers?” fundraiser!


Over 300 pairs of used sneakers have been collected and will be sent to “gotsneakers?”, a sneaker recycling organization. When “gotsneakers?” receives the used sneakers they will calculate the value and send a check to ORCA.


All funds collected from the “gotsneakers?” fundraiser will go to Power Walking Ministries, Inc., to purchase sneakers for children in the Brunswick County school system that are in need of shoes. 

Got Sneakers.jpg

Lynn Wieties, Mary Perno, Marjie Masline

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