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BELK's Charity Days

Take Advantage of Belk Charity Day Sale Tickets via ORCA now thru 10/30/21

Ocean Ridge Charities Association (ORCA) is now selling

Belk charity day sale tickets.  

Charity Day PRE-Sale: October 7-27  

Charity Day Sale:  October 28-30, 2021

You may purchase your Belk Charity Day $5.00 tickets from the following neighbors:

Lynn Wieties, 568 Wicklow Square   573-201-9199

Maggy Schlink, 536 Gladstone Circle   910-579-2557

Peggy Burris, 6605 Queensbury Place   910-274-2481

Beth Naylor, 294 Sedgefield Place   910-579-4862

What is a charity sale?  Belk Charity Day Sales occur several times a year and is dedicated to supporting local Non-Profit organizations which give participating charities the opportunity to raise money for their organization.   Ocean Ridge Charities Association (ORCA), a 501(c)3 charity, will again participate, and is selling the $5.00 tickets to our neighbors at three of your Ocean Ridge neighbors residences as noted above.  When you purchase your tickets from ORCA it enables our charity to retain the full $5.00 ticket price to help the needy in Brunswick County, and support our charities.  You may purchase more than one ticket.

The Belk Charity Day Sale occurs in two stages:

  • Shop during pre-sale days (Oct  7-27) using your Charity Day tickets and receive your $5.00 discount on your purchases.  As usual, your purchases made during that time will be held securely in the store waiting for your pick up starting on October 28; make sure to have your sales receipt with you.  You receive the same discounts as on “Charity Day Sale” days.

  • The official Charity Day Sale is held on Thursday, October 28 through Saturday, October 30 during regular store hours at every Belk store.  Customers can purchase $5.00 tickets from ORCA and receive $5.00 off their first purchase each day.  You will receive (on the same ticket) a 25% off stackable coupon during the Oct 28 -30 Charity event.

  • You may purchase many tickets from ORCA – although the store’s computer system will only accept one Charity Day sale per transaction per cashier station.  However, if you select other purchases the same day, you may want to visit another cashier station – or return another day.


By purchasing charity tickets from ORCA, you support a worthy cause among our charities -- and enjoy special storewide discounts during the October sale.

Direct inquiries to Peggy Burris at 910-274-2481 or via email to


Belk's Charity SALE

Saturday – All Day, Saturday, November 9, 2019

Pre-Sale: October 13 – November 8

Belk Charity Sales are a two-fold generous gesture by Belk’s Stores to show their appreciation:

  • To their customers for their loyalty for shopping in their stores by offering tickets to purchase items with drastically reduced prices, and

  • To local charities for helping the community’s needy by allowing them to sell the Charity Day sale tickets to help their cause.


If you purchase your $5 ticket from Ocean Ridge Charities Association Inc. (ORCA), we pass your entire ticket price onto the needy right here in Brunswick County – and at the same time you support your own neighborhood (ORCA) charity – we hope you’ll look to ORCA!!


During the November 9 Charity Day Sale, Belk offers 15-75% discounts on rarely discounted brands, such as Ralph Lauren, Anne Klein, Calvin Klein, Rafaella, Dooney & Bourke, Hobo, etc.


  • Belk also offers those same discounts during their Pre-Sale (10/13 – 11/8) where customers take advantage of the special prices.  Belk secures your purchases until Charity day (11/9) for your pick-up on that day or shortly thereafter.

  • On your first purchase of any day of the Pre-sale (10/13 – 11/8) you receive the price of your $5 ticket purchase back via sale reduction – so you can purchase multiple number of charity day tickets and enjoy the reduced pricing off your purchases on different and numerous days during that 28 day sale period.   Give Five – Get Five – High Five !!

  • Belk will also have a Special Preview Event on Friday, 11/8 from 6pm-close for Belk Elite and Premier Rewards Credit Cardholders.

  • Also, on sale day (11/9) Belk will give away 100 Belk gift cards per store -- valued anywhere from $5 to $1,500.  One person in each Belk division (for a total of 2 winners) will walk away with a $1,500 give card.


ORCA is selling the tickets now and they can be obtained from Peggy Burris (910-274-2481) or catch her in front of the Shallotte store on 10/15 Tuesday 4-6pm or 10/16 Wednesday 4-6pm, and also on other days when scheduling is available.


Reminder, ticket holders may take home their purchases with receipt during the Special Preview Event on 11/8 6pm-close and all day on 11/9 sale day.

ORCA, CIS & Belk's

team up on School Supplies

Belk supplies - whole group at CIS_cropp
BELK - CIS Store.jpg
Belk supplies.jpg

Belk Stores annually conduct several Charity Day Sale campaigns as a thank you for customer patronage by providing quality products at reduced prices and at the same time providing local charities the opportunity to sell their Belk Charity Day Sale tickets to raise funds for their own charities. 

While Belk was holding a recent “Back to School” charity day event, Tammye Johnson, Belk’s Sales Team Manager, arranged for an employee silent auction so Belk could use their employees’ donations to also purchase school supplies and clothes from fellow Shallotte Chamber of Commerce merchants for local back to school children.

Tammye realized they would not be able to purchase enough supplies to support all the local schools, so she turned to Ocean Ridge Charities Association (ORCA) to help.  She knew that ORCA was a 501(c)(3) charity that fundraises for charities that help the needy in Brunswick County and has fundraised for over 50 Brunswick County charities, and that Peggy Burris (ORCA member) always participated in their Belk Charity Day sale campaigns, so she asked if we could help – and ORCA readily agreed.

After the sale and auction concluded, and supplies were picked up by ORCA at the Belk store in Shallotte, Tammye and Peggy met the CIS board members, including Katherine Mohr, an Ocean Ridge resident, and volunteers at their Shallotte facility in Sunset Beach, NC.  Six large bags of supplies were delivered and CIS took them for distribution to local school children.


This is a heartwarming story that resulted in local charities and a civic minded merchant working together to help Brunswick County students.

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