Before and After the Main Course

ORCA Cookbook, Vol 2

Wait, What?

A second Ocean Ridge cookbook?

Before and After the Main Course

Appetizers, Beverages, Desserts

Ocean Ridge Cookbook Volume 2

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Extended Deadline to Reserve your

ORCA Cookbooks

A big thank you to our Ocean Ridge neighbors for sharing over 330 delicious recipes with Ocean Ridge Charities Association (ORCA).  These wonderful recipes will be showcased in our new cookbook, “Before and After the Main Course, Vol 2 – Appetizers, Beverages and Desserts.”   

Take advantage of our extended offer for you to have cookbooks reserved just for you.  When the publisher ships the cookbooks to ORCA in August or September, we will distribute the pre-ordered cookbooks to whoever reserved them, and start supplying local merchants to sell the remaining books to their customers. 

Many of you submitted recipes and we are sure you would like your own book as well as purchasing some for gifts.

This is how you can be assured you will be able to own a cookbook.

  • Take advantage of our extension to June 11 to pre-order/pay.  Please make your check payable to “ORCA” in the dollar amount equal to the quantity of the books you wish to purchase ($15 each). 

  • Deliver your checks by June 11 to one of these porch box locations:

Claudia Piccarelli, 74 Abbington Place,

Maggy Schlink, 536 Gladstone Circle, or

Peggy Burris, 6605 Queensbury Place (off Dartmoor)

Please direct questions to Peggy at 910-274-2481.


Check Out What Recipes Your Neighbors Have submitted:

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