Before and After the Main Course

ORCA Cookbook, Vol 2

Wait, What?

A second Ocean Ridge cookbook?

ORCA has sold practically all of the 1,800 original cookbooks and we are ready to start another – with your help and input of course.  The cookbook comprises three major sections:

  • Appetizers –  Hot, Cold, Dips/Spreads

  • Beverages –  Cocktails, Punches

  • Desserts – Bars/Cookies, Cakes/Pies, Mousses/Puddings, Candies


From January 1 through March 15, we are accepting the recipes that your family already enjoys and that fit into the above recipe categories. 


Please review our guidelines below for submitting recipes.  


We will also include a listing of all the recipes submitted, and it will be updated weekly right here on Wednesdays.

Cookbook Submission Requirements

# 1:Recipe Topics:

  • Appetizers –  Hot, Cold, Dips/Spreads

  • Beverages –  Cocktails, Punches

  • Desserts – Bars/Cookies, Cakes/Pies, Mousses/Puddings, Candies


# 2:Where to Submit Your Recipes:

  • Provide your recipes to Peggy Burris via:

    • Email to Peggy Burris at (preferable).

    • Deliver to her home at 6605 Queensbury Place. 

    • Mail to her home at 6605 Queensbury Place.


# 3: What Must be Included:

  • Your name, phone number and email address on each transmittal with your recipes.

    • Your name will be included with the recipe (unless you request otherwise).

  • It is preferable to photocopy the recipe from original published sources (a cookbook, etc.). Or you may include that info within your email or print it on the back of each recipe.

  • If you made alterations to a published recipe, please indicate those changes on transmittal or back of the recipe – as we wish to use your recipe preferences.


#4: Look for Us to Acknowledge Receipt:

  • All recipes received will be acknowledged.  If you do not hear back from us, please reach out to Peggy Burris to make sure we received all of your recipes.


#5: Check  Out  What  Recipes  Your  Neighbors  Have  Submitted:

  • A list of all recipes submitted will be updated weekly on Wednesdays and appear in a pdf right here on this page.

  • If you see a “similar” recipe you were considering submitting – please submit yours as well.

  • You may submit multiple recipes in all categories.

  • All recipes will be reviewed by our capable team chefs:

    • Judy Cunningham (Beverages)

    • Mary Pat Lynch (Desserts)

    • Mary Perno (Appetizers)

    • Peggy Burris

  • CLICK on the pdf to see the recipes submitted so far  




#6: “Our–Own”  Neighborhood  “Talent”:

  • Mary K Donahoe is to paint the front and back covers.

  • Steve Wingfield will photograph those covers using sophisticated equipment that meets the publisher’s stringent quality requirements for reproduction.

  • Liz Cermak mysteriously enabled ORCA’s website from which to review recipe submission guidelines, updates on recipes submitted, and show-case our cookbook covers (when finished).




Should you have questions, please contact

Peggy Burris at 910-274-2481 or


All you need to do is review these guidelines, provide us your recipes as outlined, and the publisher will do the rest. 


We expect delivery in the Fall.


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