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Murder Mystery Dinner

Brewing Up Murder


Saturday, September 28, 2019

6:00p.m. - 9:30p.m.

Plantation Club

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On Saturday evening, September 28, A Murder was Brewing in Ocean Ridge. One hundred guests participated in an interactive musical Murder Mystery put on by Get-A-Clue Productions from Wilmington.  In the fashion of Agatha Christie, 5 people have been lured to the ORCA Brewery, otherwise known as the Plantation Club, by an unknown mastermind who had more than beer tasting in mind.  The audience participated in the show.  Amy Brozena surprised her husband Fran with a walk down the aisle  with Austin, one of the actors.  Peggy Burris, Mark Mayer, and Corinne Eisenstein received karate lessons from Sum Yung, another of the actors.  Much to everyone's surprise, Mark is a martial arts instructor and had a few tricks of his own up his sleeve. The audience had a chance to participate in guessing who of the 5 actors was the murderer.  One by one they were all killed off.  Who was the actual murderer?  Who was the mastermind of the evening? What did he have in mind?


The event was a fund raiser put on by Ocean Ridge Charities Association Inc.  (ORCA) to benefit Waves4K.I.D.S.. The mission of WAVES4K.I.D.S. is to ensure that the health, educational, and social welfare needs of children under the care of the Department of Social Services, or other children in difficult situations in Brunswick County, will be met if public funds are not available. Children are provided resources and services, based on financial need. Thanks to the generosity of the attendees, over $2,000 will be donated to their cause.


Committee members for the evening were Corinne Eisenstein, Glenn Hess, and Mary Perno supported by a team that included Maggy Schlink, Barbara Ellenberger, Beth Naylor, Amy Kelly, Mike Lynch, Claudia Piccarelli, Peggy Burris,  Ron Sorice, and Brenda Hess.  


Sincerest thanks to all who participated, volunteered, and attended the event.  You all made it a wonderful evening for all.


Flashback to Murder


Saturday, September 29, 2018

6:00p.m. - 9:30p.m.

Plantation Club





The Ocean Ridge Charities Association Inc. (ORCA) sponsored another successful fundraiser, Murder Mystery, on September 29, when Get a Clue Productions from Wilmington brought the Ocean Ridge High School's 20th Reunion to the Plantation Club.  The year is 1975.  The graduation year was 1955.  


The prom queen was murdered and the audience, 123 strong, along with the players, flashed back in time to solve the murder mystery.  Ocean Ridger and amateur thespian Andy Eisenstein played the Prom Queen's date while grande dame Rachel Gaddis did a short cameo appearance for the murdered prom queen.


The whole evening was flawlessly executed. The Plantation Club was decorated in the school colors of blue and white with the orca mascot prominently displayed. Great entertainment, animated by audience participation along with good food, hallmarked the evening.


Thanks to the generosity of Ocean Ridge residents, over $3,300 was raised for WARM (Wilmington Area Rehabilitation Ministry) which is working hard to rebuild the homes of low income victims devastated by the hurricane. ORCA is on track to exceed its fundraising target as fundraising efforts continue for those Brunswick County residents who suffered unimaginable losses, including homes and possessions.


ORCA Board Members: Corinne Eisenstein, Glenn Hess, and Barbara Ellenberger chaired the Murder Mystery committee, supported by a team that included Peggy Burris, Judy Cunningham, Peggy Gildea, Amy Kelly, Mike Lynch, Beth Naylor, Claudia Piccarelli, Mary Perno, Ron Sorice, and Laura Wheaton. 

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