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Knife Sharpening Event


Knife Sharpening Event

On a hot June afternoon, seventy-five residents took advantage of the mobile, same day sharpening service we brought to the Nature Pavilion.  Lots of pristine knives, scissors and yard tool blades are now back in people’s homes and garages.  Owned by the skillful and hard-working Clarence, A Sharper Edge donated a portion of the proceeds to ORCA, allowing us to donate over $900 to Providence Home, a free short-term shelter for Brunswick County teens who cannot remain with their families.

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Do you have dull knives, scissors, yard tool blades?

A Sharper Edge Professional Sharpening Service of Little River will bring their same day, mobile sharpening service to the Nature Pavilion.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Ocean Ridge Charities Association (ORCA) and used to support Providence Home, a residential facility for Brunswick County teens who cannot remain with their families.

Date:           Sunday, June 25

Time:          11 AM - 4 PM. 

Drop off your item(s). 

We'll call you when they are ready for pick up.

Location:   Nature Pavilion

Price list:  Cash only, please.



- Chef's… any kitchen knife larger than a steak knife                  $10

- Paring, steak                                                                              $  6

- Pocket 1 blade  ($1 per extra blade)                                          $  6



- Household                                                                                  $10

- Fabric and pinking                                                                      $12

- Salon                                                                                          $30

- Grooming                                                                                    $25

- Large upholstery                                                                         $20


Yard Tools:

- Loppers                                                                                       $10

- Hand shears                                                                               $  8

- Hand hedge trimmer                                                                   $12

- Power hedge trimmer  (Electric or Gas)                                     $20

- Rakes, shovels, etc.                                                                   $12

- Mower blade - (Cleaned, Sharpened, Balanced)                       $15


Sorry…  No clipper blades for hair.  No circular, hand or chain saws.


Questions:  Contact Mike Dies at


Don't Be Dull.  See You On The 25th!

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