Patriotic Bows


ORCA would like to show our colors to honor all veterans who have sacrificed so much on our behalf and with special recognition to our Ocean Ridge Veterans by decorating mailboxes with bows. (Thanks to the ORMA Board for authorizing this exception to allow the mailbox bows for our ORCA fundraiser.)


The Veterans Day bows are to be placed on top of your mailbox from to November 1st -14th.  If your property backs up to a golf course, you may put a bow in your backyard as well.  The profits from this sale will be benefit local Veterans causes.

The bows cost $10.00 each or 2/$18.00. Order your bows today by downloading and completing the form below.  Return it, along with your check made out to ORCA, by October 10th to the front porch boxes at one of the following homes:


Mary Perno                                                                               Judy Cunningham

6397 Romney Notch                                                                 517 Buxton Notch

Prior Years

In 2013 and 2014 ORCA held "Show Your Colors" campaigns, urging residents to purchase 8" red, white, and blue bows to display until Veterans" Day in November.  


The bows cost $10 for one, or $15 for two, with proceeds going to the

Veterans' Welcome Home and Resource Center in Little River, SC.  


Due to the generosity of Ocean Ridge residents, 274 bows have been sold to date, raising almost $1,500 for the Center.

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