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Patriotic Bows

Over 200 blue mailbox bows and flags were purchased as a show of appreciation for our military.  $2000 was raised to support both the Veterans Welcome Home & Resource Center's mission to end veteran homelessness, as well as the Partnership for American Veteran Employment, which is the Brunswick Community College Foundation’s program providing work study experience and financial assistance to veteran students

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YOU make the difference!


Ocean Ridge Charities Association
Patriotic Bow Sale


To benefit: PAVE (Partnership for American Veterans Employment) &
Veterans Welcome Home Center

These blue bows with a flag will be displayed on your mailbox from May 27th to July 9th.  We’re making it very easy for you this year. Our Service Club members will be putting the bows up and taking them down for you!


Bows are $10 each, checks payable to ORCA. Order between May 7th and May 13th by clicking on the pdf below and completing the form, include your check/cash, and drop the form & payment in a porch box at either:


Judy Cunningham 517 Buxton Notch
Mary Perno 6397 Romney Notch

Thank You for supporting our Veterans & ORCA!

Bow pic.jpg
Bow pic.jpg


Patriotic Bow sale.jpg




The Patriotic Mailbox Bows that you purchased through Ocean Ridge Charities Association (ORCA) should be removed from your mailboxes today, July 7th.  Thank you for participating.


Your purchase of the bows benefited the Veterans Welcome Home Center and the Homeless Coalition serving homeless Veterans.



This year, to celebrate Memorial Day, Flag Day, and the Fourth of July, Ocean Ridge Charities Association (ORCA), has chosen a tri-color pull-out Bow.


This fundraising event, besides honoring our Country, will benefit the Veterans Welcome Home Center and the Homeless Coalition serving homeless Veterans.


We are selling these bows for $10, or 2 for $18.   Like last year’s luminaries, you can drop off your cash or check made out to ORCA at any of the following addresses (front porch), starting on May 16th.

Mary Pat Lynch   6582 Castlebrook Way

Amy Kelly    7047 Bloomsbury Court

Carole Milnichuk    6331 Blenheim Place

Judy Cunningham    517 Buxton Notch


When you pick up your bows, the display dates and directions will be attached.  ORMA has approved these bows to be displayed on your mailboxes from May 26 through July 7th.


Judy Cunningham                                            Mary Perno

910-579-3573                                                   302-598-1835                                                                  


Silhouette of Soldiers
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