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The Rose House

Rose House

545 Hickman Road

Calabash, NC 29467


November 12, 2022 was the long anticipated grand opening of Rose House, CRCI’s (Christian Recovery Centers, Inc.) first addiction recovery center for women in Brunswick County. To say it was “worth the wait”, is an understatement. The edifice exudes the feeling of hope and happiness with its oversized wrap around porch, custom porch swings and benches and a “rose” stained glass window. After several brief comments, there was a “ribbon cutting”, followed by rousing applause from the hundreds in attendance. Ron Sorice, a board member of ORCA as well as CRCI, was in attendance with many others who made this important project a reality.

The main building will house 28 residents, 4 Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) participants and 3 live in staff members. Thanks to the vision of Phyllis O’Connor, the Ocean Ridge quilters and other quilt groups in the area, each of the residents’ beds has a quilt on it. In the entrance hall, there is a shadow box containing a quilt made by Phyllis O’Connor (who perished in the February 2020 tornado), a lovely framed picture of her and the story of how those quilts became an important part of the Rose House tradition. The combination of space and functionality make Rose House perfect for current and future residents who are looking to improve every aspect of their lives, including but not limited to maintaining their sobriety, living a Godly life, making good decisions and improving their relationships with loved ones. Amazingly, this faith based recovery program is 100% free to those willing to “do the difficult work”, required to take back their lives. Ocean Ridge Charities Association has been a strong financial supporter of Rose House since the origination of the concept. We have an engraved patio brick on the side yard offering encouragement to all who live there.

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