Decorated Christmas Tree


DECEMBER 3, 2022



Decorated Christmas Tree

Ocean Ridge Charities Association (ORCA) will be holding its annual Holiday Marketplace Raffle on Saturday, December 3 at the Nature Pavilion.  All proceeds benefit ‘Warm Homes, Warm Hearts’.


At this time, we are soliciting donations from our talented Ocean Ridge neighbors… items that can be raffled off on December 3.


International Dining Club

is still available!!!

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The Ocean Ridge Charities Association (ORCA) is selling 12 month International Dining Club memberships.

If you love the opportunity to go to some great restaurants and get money off doing it, please consider buying this membership. It’s also fun to gather some friends and neighbors and buy them for “no cook nights out with your friends”.

New Ocean Ridge Cookbook is still available!

Before and After the Main Course

ORCA Cookbook, Vol 2

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Before and After the Main Course

Ocean Ridge Cookbook Volume 2

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Appetizers, Beverages, Desserts

Trying to Figure Out What to Gift to Your Friends and Family? 

Look No Further!

Ocean Ridge Charities Association Inc. has published a second cookbook entitled “Before and After the Main Course” consisting of appetizer, beverage and dessert recipes with local artist Mary K. Donahoe’s watercolor of a serene pond setting at one of our golf courses for our front and back covers.  Our new 223 page cookbook is chock full of 332 of our friends and neighbors greatest tried-and-true recipes.  The cookbook is priced at $15 per book (plus $5 charge if the book needs to be mailed).  All proceeds from our cookbooks go to local charities that help the needy in Brunswick County. 

Ocean Ridge Charities

Emergency Medical Technician Scholarship


Ocean Ridge Charities Association (ORCA) is proud to announce the establishment of the  “Ocean Ridge Charities Emergency Medical Technician Scholarship”, at Brunswick Community College. This scholarship will be awarded to a student pursuing their Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification beginning this Fall.

Claudia Piccarelli (Treasurer) and Maggy Schlink (President) presented a check for $8,500 to Elizabeth Wassum, the head of the Brunswick Community College Foundation on behalf of the Ocean Ridge community. The money for this scholarship came from final donations made to Ocean Ridge Charity Association many months after the tornado. At the time of the tornado, many residents benefited from the skills and kindness of our local EMTs.

This scholarship represents an opportunity to invest in the future of emergency medical technicians in Brunswick County. Each semester, a $500 scholarship will be awarded to a student pursuing an EMT certification. ORCA hopes to hold events in the future to add to the total of the donation. Individuals are encouraged to consider donating to this scholarship fund.

This represents the second scholarship that Ocean Ridge Charities Association has at Brunswick Community College. The first was the Ocean Ridge-David Kelly Nursing Endowment, which provides a scholarship to a nursing student each semester. This program has helped many students finish their requirements and receive nursing degrees.


Donation to Hope Harbor in the name of Peggy Rowland

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After the recent passing of our dear friend and neighbor, Peggy Rowland, many Ocean Ridge residents chose to send Memorial Contributions to Ocean Ridge Charities Association in her name. These donations were matched up to $100 per household, where applicable.

This resulted in a $2,100 donation to Hope Harbor in Peggy’s memory. Peggy donated a significant amount of time and personal energy to this organization. She helped organize many golf tournaments to benefit the people needing their services and support. Hope Harbor is an organization helping women and their children, who have left unsafe living situations, to get back on their feet.

The generosity of the Ocean Ridge community is greatly appreciated by the staff of Hope Harbor. Peggy’s contributions of her time, talent and monetary support will be missed. Thank you to all who helped to make this donation possible.

WECT News Coverage of

Ocean Ridge's Post-Tornado

Contributions to Community


Mara McJilton, WECT's Evening News Anchor/Reporter, came here yesterday afternoon and interviewed Maggy Schlink, Claudia Piccarelli and Donna Wald.   The purpose for the interview was for us to discuss what Ocean Ridge has done since the 2-15-21 tornado to help our Brunswick County neighbors.  Our powerful story of generosity, kindness, survival and resiliency is very inspirational and uplifting and also extends beyond our immediate Ocean Ridge Community.

Our story was aired on the 11:00 PM evening news on September 14, 2022.  It is posted on WECT's website and here is the link so you can see the report.  Enjoy!

Tornado Memorial Tribute Service

Plantation Club

August 26, 2022

On February 15, 2021, an EF3 tornado ravaged the Ocean Ridge community.  Three residents perished, Rich and Phyllis O’Connor and Barry Glick, and 120 homes were impacted.  A series of community tributes have taken place since that event, culminating in a Memorial Tribute at the Plantation Club on August 26.


Service Club Volunteers Needed


Ocean Ridge Charities Association (ORCA) is in the process of reforming our Service Club volunteers. We are asking that you please consider volunteering. If you signed up previously we hope you will sign up again as we are updating our records.


Volunteering does not have to be a big time commitment. When help is needed we will contact you based on the category you have expressed a volunteering interest in. You may tell us yes or no, it’s ok to not be available at all times. We greatly appreciate the time you do have to offer.

Please Support ORCA's Corporate Sponsors


Our corporate sponsors give very generously to Ocean Ridge Charities Association (ORCA) to assist our local charities.  They gave so much during COVID, and pitched in more than ever following the terrible tornado that struck Ocean Ridge in February of last year.  We at ORCA are thrilled that our sponsors always generously help those in need.


COVID has been hard on many people and businesses - including some of our sponsors.  They will appreciate your patronage now more than ever.  In addition, their goods and services may be just what you need!


    Please check out our sponsors by clicking below:

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